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Service & Repair Prices

We believe it's useful to provide a guide to our prices for two main reasons;

  • so you can see how competitive we are
  • so you have an idea of the likely cost of your repair before you ship your glider to us

However, please be aware that this is not a definitive quote for all repairs, just a typical cost - a guide. Repairs likely to fall outside of these charges will be quoted for before any work is commenced.

Description Price
Service, including laser measure of all lines:
Tandem paraglider£110
Dedicated paramotor wing£110
Speedwingfrom £75
Potential additional costs which may be required:
Replace and fit line (short/long) as part of a service£9/£10
Glider retrim after laser measure, as part of a service£25 - £45
Reserve repack, fitted into harness and full system check£55
Reserve repack, fitted into outer container£50
Reserve repack only£45
Tandem reserve repack, fitted into harness and full system check£65
Rogallo reserves: in addition to the above prices£35
Supply and fitting of reserves
Having your full kit checked and serviced, or your harness repaired, and found out that your old reserve is past its serviceable date, so you need a new one fast? We can supply you with Gin reserves and fit these into your harness. Just ask.
Indicative prices for repairs (please call to discuss)
RepairSuitabilityVisual ImpactPrice
PatchSmall holes or tearsPatch will match canopy but appear slightly darker when lit from behind£5 - £10
Sewn PatchLarger tears or damage nears cell wall seams, leading or trailing edgeSewing will make a large patch more visible than an unsewn patch£15 - £40
Panel SectionSignificant damage to be repaired cost effectivelyLimited - additional seam across the panel at each end of the new section£45 - £75
Replacement panelExtensive damage, or to preserve resale value of a nearly new gliderIf cloth can be exactly matched, it will appear as new. If canopy is less than pristine, the new panel may stand out£90 - £200
Courier costs for UK mainland up to 20kg consignment
Delivery to any residential or business address during the week, or DPD store anytime£14
Collection from any residential or business address during the week, or DPD store anytime£20