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Life is not all work, so many of the pictures here are flying related though we have included some of the logos we have fitted to customers gliders.

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Aerofix Logo Examples

Q102FM Olivers Army Buff Clothing Wall banner TANTRA Computers FPR Fly GIN Joloskie Clothing

A great days flying from Blease Fell - the warm weather was just made for this!

Flight from Blease Fell - View 1 Flight from Blease Fell - View 2 Flight from Blease Fell - View 3 Flight from Blease Fell - I can almost see my house from here! Flight from Blease Fell - View 5 Flight from Blease Fell - View 6 Flight from Blease Fell - Just how did he get that high so quickly? Showoff! I wonder if I could land in the Pub carpark?. Mmm Beer!

Amazing photos from Stuart of flights from and over Blencathra, near Keswick.

Flight from Blencathra - View 1 Flight from Blencathra - surely we never made those marks in the sky, did we? Flying over an ocean of cloud. It's all well and good but where will I land? Doh! Never thought of that! Flight from Blencathra - if you could only see what I can see! Flight from Blencathra - Mind the Sun, remember what happened to Icarus. Flight from Blencathra - but where's Wally? I can see him way over there in the distance Flight from Blencathra - Taking off above the clouds. Cooool! The Three Amigos over Blencathra