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A complete & professional service for your Paraglider, Kite or Reserve Parachute

Paraglider Servicing and Repairs

Paraglider Servicing & Repairs

For over ten years we have been servicing & repairing Paragliders and Kites here in the surroundings of the Cumbrian Fells. We make regular visits to flying and outdoor events to promote, inform, make new friends and, by arrangement, repack Reserve Parachutes.

For an affordable, expert service call us.

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Reserve Parachute Repacking

Parachute Repacking

As a BHPA approved and qualified centre for parachute reserve repacking and system checking you can rely on AeroFix for a job done as it should be!

For a competitive quote then call us.

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Paraglider Line Replacement

Line Replacement

For the majority of pilots, a line has two distinct parts, an outer sheath, primarily for protection, and a load bearing inner core. For competition pilots or sometimes for the upper cascades in a canopy, the manufacturer may specify unsheathed lines, usually to reduce drag. The down side of this is a reduced resistance to UV degradation and abrasion.

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Harness repairs

Harness Repairs

Now we can't confess to being able to repair all harness damage - overzealous paramedics with sharp scissors usually cause damage that is not reversible - but we can always have a look.

Call us for a rough guide to your harness repair requirements.

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Paraglider and Kite Custom Logo Service

Custom Logo Service

Considering the number of logos we have had manufactured and fitted it's fairly safe for us to call ourselves experienced. Have a kite, paraglider or flag that needs some existing or custom logo to promote your business?

For ideas and prices then we can help.

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Comprehensive Kite Repair Service

Kite Repair Services

Mmm, not wanting to mislead anyone, when we say kite we do mean the kind you would hang a person underneath and then fly and not the type typically connected to a child by a string!

Oh, and we don't mean the feathered kind either.

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